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Is Arby Diablo Dare Sandwich Spicy?

Arby Diablo Dare Sandwich

Arby Diablo Dare Sandwich If you’re looking for a tasty and healthy meal, look no further than Arby’s Diablo Dare chicken sandwich. The sandwich features a juicy and delicate chicken breast. And the good thing about this zesty Diablo sandwich is 13 to 15-hour smoked brisket or crispy chicken.

They coat it in a special barbecue sauce (Diablo BBQ sauce) that gives it a wonderful flavour. They top it with bacon, pickles, and mayo. The mayo adds richness to the sandwich, while the holes add some crunch. The sandwich is then ended with a layer of crispy breadcrumbs. They also offer a complimentary glass with this sandwich to cool you down.

Arby’s Diablo Dare Sandwich Ingredients

 These are the elements of this sandwich:

  •  Diablo Bun
  •  Chicken breast
  •  Diablo BBQ sauce
  •  Fairy Seasoning
  •  pepper jack cheese
  •  red onions
  •  Fire-roasted jalapeños


 TOTAL FAT (g) 26
 SODIUM(mg) 1752
 PROTEIN(g) 30


The price of this sandwich is around $7 at several locations.

Sandwich’s Scoville Rating.

It has a Scoville rating of 12,000. That’s quite hot, so be prepared for a fiery taste you won’t resist. Want a full-on bang from this spicy sandwich? Get the Arby’s Diablo Dare


Does Arby’s still have the Diablo sandwich?

Yes, they do still have the Diablo. It’s on the menu.

How hot is Arby’s Diablo sandwich?

According to Scoville’s rating, it has 12,000 SHU. It is boiling.

Why did Arby discontinue potato cakes?

It’s not entirely clear why Arby’s discontinued its Potato Cakes, as the company has not released an official statement. However, it’s possible that the decision was based on various factors, including customer demand, supply chain logistics, and menu simplification.

How much is Arby’s Diablo sandwich? 

The price of this sandwich is around $7 at several locations.

Is Arby’s Diablo sandwich hot?

Yes, It is boiling; only spice lovers will bear the heat.

Do all Arby’s have the Diablo sandwich?

NO, Arby’s doesn’t have this beast sandwich at some locations.

Is the Arby’s Diablo sandwich good?

Yes, it’s suitable only for those who can bear the spice level of this sandwich.

Where to get Diablo to dare Arby’s?

You can get the Diablo Dare sandwich at selected Arby’s locations in the USA.

What’s on Arby’s Diablo sandwich?

These are the ingredients of this sandwich:

  1.  Diablo Bun
  2.  Chicken breast
  3.  Diablo BBQ sauce
  4.  Fairy Seasoning
  5.  pepper jack cheese
  6.  red onions
  7.  Fire-roasted jalapeños

Is the Arby’s Diablo sandwich good?

Yes! It is a spicy sandwich and will suit most spice lovers.

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