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Arbys Classic Roast Beef 2023

Arbys Classic Roast Beef 2023

Arbys Classic Roast Beef 2023 sandwich contains a slice of Roast beef, American cheese, and a slice of tomato on a sesame seed bun. The Sandwich is prepared by toasting the bun and spreading the tomato on.

The bun, and then placing the roast beef on the tomato, is also a favorite family meal at Arby’s, and the horsey sauce will take this Sandwich to the next level of taste.

  • There are different variations of The Roast Beef Sandwich: Classic
  • Mid
  • Max

But we Will Only talk about the classic one here.


Serving Weight (g) 154
Calories 360
Calories from Fat 130
Fat – Total (g) 14
Saturated Fat (g)                5
Trans Fat  (g)  1
Cholesterol (mg) 60
Sodium (mg) 970
Total Carbohydrate  (g) 35
Dietary Fiber (g)  01
Sugars  (g)  06
Protein  (g)   23

FAQs About Arbys

How much is a classic roast beef sandwich at Arby’s?

The Prices are Different for a Sandwich and a meal at Arby’s 

  •  Only Sandwich $3.39
  •  Full Meal          $4.49

How many calories are in an Arby’s classic roast beef sandwich?

There are 360 calories in the roast beef sandwich and 130 calories from lard.

What is in a Diablo sandwich?

The Arby’s Diablo sandwich is a limited-time menu item with a spicy fried chicken breast topped with fiery hot seasoning and ghost pepper jack cheese, and all served on a red chipotle bun. Here is a breakdown of the ingredients in a Diablo sandwich:

  • Spicy fried chicken breast: This is the main ingredient of the sandwich and is made with a spicy seasoning blend.
  • Fiery hot seasoning: This spicy seasoning is added to the chicken breast to give it an extra kick.
  • Ghost pepper jack cheese: This type of cheese is known for its spicy flavor, and it is added to the sandwich to enhance the heat level.
  • Red chipotle bun: The bun is infused with chipotle peppers, which gives it a smoky and spicy flavor.

What is on Arby’s classic roast beef sandwich?

The Sandwich contains Roast beef, American cheese, and sliced tomato on a sesame grain bun.

How many oz of roast beef is on Arby’s roast beef classic?

A classic sandwich does have around 3 oz of Roast beef. That’s why it looks packed like a big guy.

How much is Sodium in Arby’s classic roast beef?

It contains 970(mg) of Sodium in the classic Sandwich.

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