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Arby’s Prime Rib Cheesesteak Is Back

Arby’s Prime Rib Cheesesteak

Arby’s Prime Rib Cheesesteak is one of the most special sandwiches in the nation. Marinated in a unique combination of herbs and slow-roasted for hours, this sandwich will please even the most discriminating palate. The Prime Rib Cheesesteak is the heaviest way to try Arby’s classic. Marinated in a unique blend of herbs and slow-roasted to model,

The Prime Rib Cheesesteak is suited on a toasted French baguette and ends with melted Swiss cheese, red gravy, and fresh-cut fries.


These are the ingredients that make up the excellent rib cheesesteak:

  • French Bread – 1 loaf, 1/2-inch thick (cut in half lengthwise)
  • Roast beef
  • provolone cheese
  • red wine demi-glace
  • fresh thyme
  • red onion
  • arugula
  • pickled red peppers
  • flour tortilla

This delicious sandwich is done on a toasted French baguette and ends with melted Swiss cheese, Arby’s favorite red sauce, and fresh-cut fries.


Serving Weight (g)             131
Calories                              640
Calories from Fat               230
Fat – Total (g)                       26
Saturated Fat (g)                 14
Trans Fat (g)                      0.5
Cholesterol (mg)                 65
Sodium (mg)                   1940
Total Carbohydrate (g)        53
Dietary Fiber (g)                  03
Sugars (g)                           10
Protein (g)                           49


The Price of a Prime Rib Cheesesteak is $8.49 for both classic and spicy sandwiches.

FAQs About Arby Menu

How much is the prime rib cheesesteak at Arby’s?

The cost of the Prime Rib Cheesesteak counts on where you order it. The price is $5.99 for a large. You can also order the sandwich as a bought meal for $8.49, with regular fries and a small sip. The sandwich cost is more elevated when ordered as a bargain meal.

What comes with Arby’s prime rib cheesesteak?

A toasted French baguette stacked high with softened Swiss cheese, Roast beef, red gravy, and fresh-cut fries.

How big is Arby’s prime rib cheesesteak?

It is Huge. It is roughly the length of a little Pizza. You can share it with a buddy and always be complete. 

What sauce is on Arby’s beef and cheddar?

Arby’s Beef and Cheddar sandwich is typically served with a delicious red sauce called “Arby’s Sauce.” This sauce is a tangy and slightly sweet combination of tomato paste, vinegar, molasses, and spices. Its signature sauce complements the sandwich’s roast beef and cheddar cheese, making it a fan favourite.

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