Kafi Shafi Restaurant Menu With Price

Kafi Shafi Restaurant Menu

Kafi Shafi is a fusion of exotic Somali and Indian cuisines that offer a wide range of menu items from traditional favorites to creative, rich dishes. All meals are made from scratch with fresh ingredients and spices that will tantalize your taste-buds.

Main Dishes

    • Aakhir Meshur: Chicken, rice, and vegetables
    • Kash-Kash Soup: Traditional Somali soup of beef, tomatoes, and onions
    • Oryo Somali: Spicy Somali sausage
    • Marryo Akhdar: Indian-style lamb curry
    • Biryani Pilau: Indian spiced and stewed rice

Sides and Desserts

    • Basmati Rice: Traditional Indian rice
    • Naan Bread: Authentic Indian naan bread
    • Halva: Traditional Somali sweet dish
    • Baasto: Tender Somali spiced bread
    • Agwaado: Somali coconut cake


Each dish on the Kafi Shafi menu is reasonably priced and ranges from $7-25. Diners can also experience a variety of enticing flavors with all-you-can-eat options for $30. There are also options for a full-course meal for only $60, which includes a main dish, side, and dessert.

Kafi Shafi Restaurant Menu with Price

Kafi Shafi is a Middle Eastern-inspired restaurant located in the heart of Toronto, Ontario. The restaurant is known for its authentic cuisine, carefully prepared with regional ingredients and a wealth of aromatic spices.


  • Hummus: Creamy chickpeas blended with garlic and tahini – $5.99
  • Falafel: Fried chickpea balls with herbs and spices – $4.99
  • Tabbouleh: Parsley salad with tomatoes, onion, and cracked wheat – $4.99

Main Dishes

  • Lamb Kofta: Grilled ground lamb served with flatbread – $11.99
  • Fattoush: Chopped salad with pita bread, tomatoes, and radish – $8.99
  • Kabobs: An assortment of beef and chicken skewers – $14.99


  • Shawarma Plate: Marinated lamb or chicken served with rice – $10.99
  • Baklava: Filo pastry with honey and ground nuts – $4.99
  • Tahini Drink: Refreshing blend of tahini, water, and lemon – $3.99

Kafi Shafi is dedicated to making delicious and authentic Middle Eastern cuisine at an affordable price. Whether you’re looking for a light snack or a hearty meal, the restaurant has something for everyone! To experience the flavors of this beloved regional cuisine, stop by Kafi Shafi today.

Kafi Shafi Restaurant Menu with Prices

Kafi Shafi is a renowned family restaurant in the heart of the city, offering a wide array of local and international dishes. The restaurant is warm and inviting and the staff is friendly and attentive. Here’s a look at the prices and menu of Kafi Shafi.

Lunch Menu

  • White Rice- $6.00
  • Buttered Naan- $3.00
  • Tandoori Chicken- $9.00
  • Saag Paneer- $8.00
  • Palak Chicken- $10.00
  • Chole Bhature- $7.00

Dinner Menu

  • Biryani- $12.00
  • Shahi Paneer- $9.00
  • Keema Naan- $4.00
  • Chicken 65- $10.00
  • Rogan Josh- $11.00
  • Butter Chicken- $12.00

Kafi Shafi’s menu is sure to please any food lover. With the wide selection of dishes, there is something to fit anyone’s tastes. Be sure to stop by this enchanting restaurant to experience all that it has to offer.

Kafi Shafi Restaurant Menu with Price

Main Course

  • Fish Fry – $11
  • Buttered Chicken – $14
  • Biryani – $10
  • Daal – $7
  • Kashmiri Pulao – $8


  • Goan Fish Curry – $7
  • Kabuli Naan – $4
  • Tandoori Chicken – $8
  • Paneer Tikka – $6
  • Vegetable Platter – $5


  • Gulab Jamun– $3
  • Kheer– $2
  • Carrot Halwa – $4
  • Fruit Salad – $5
  • Mango Kulfi – $6

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