MKTBTK Car Insurance Company

What Is MKTBTK Car Insurance Company?

This is a contract between the owner of the car and the MKTBTK Car Insurance company. This document says that in the event of an insured event, and this may be car theft, intentional harm to transport, or causing harm and damage to a person, the compensation costs are reimbursed by MKTBTK Car Insurance.

The fact is that every year there are more drivers, which means that the number of cars is growing. The number of road accidents is also on the rise. Over the past year, 19,000 people died in road accidents.
Of course, this policy will not be able to protect against death, but it will help alleviate financial difficulties in the event of an accident, not only during an accident but also during a natural disaster.

MKTBTK Car Insurance Company
MKTBTK Car Insurance Company

TYPES OF MKTBTK Car Insurance.

There are several types of insurance:

  1. OSAGO is a mandatory type of insurance for motorists. OSAGO compensates for damage caused to the property of another participant in an accident for the place of the car owner in the event of an insured risk, that is, if it’s quite simple, for example, an accident happened through the fault of the OSAGO owner, but the insurance company will pay the victims. But the maximum amount of cash payment is 400,000 thousand. If the amount exceeds the insurance maximum, then the victim, of his own free will, can demand the rest from the culprit.
  2. CASCO is not compulsory insurance. It also does not include payments to victims; only a vehicle is in its insurance zone.
  3. DSAGO is rather an addition to the two insurances listed above. This is additional civil liability insurance.
  4. OSAGO is compulsory insurance, so much attention should be focused on this type. By the way, if you purchase DSAGO, then payments can reach up to 30 million rubles.

How much will OSAGO cost?

First of all, the price will depend on the region of residence of the owner of the transport and on the type of car, on the owner, the age of the car owner and his driving experience.


First of all, car owners must fill out an application and submit it to the MKTBTK Car Insurance within five working days. If the accident occurred in another city, and there is no way to directly transfer the notification, then you can contact the representatives in this region.

In the event of an insured event, the MKTBTK Car Insurance sends for car repair to car repair shops accredited by MKTBTK Car Insurance, the list of which is usually provided by the insurer at the time of signing the contract, or posted on the company’s website.

However, if the owner has expressed a desire to repair the car in another service station, which is not listed, then he must obtain permission from the MKTBTK Car Insurance.


It is impossible to name the exact amount of insurance. Each insurance company makes its own calculations based on the recommended and own methodology.


The main advantage is that a driver with such an agreement should completely forget about the financial headache associated with traffic accidents. MKTBTK Insurance takes care of all compensation in case of an accident.

But, there is also a minus. This is an opportunity for additional expenses in case the maximum amount is exceeded.

What to do if the insurance company does not fulfill its obligations?

If the company does not fulfill or violates the rights of its client, then you can contact the association of insurance companies or the court.

What to do if the repair is not satisfied?

Such cases happen, so you need to write a statement to the MKTBTK Car Insurance while the warranty period has not yet passed. He is obliged to consider within five days. If everything is correctly indicated in the application, then the car will go to eliminate the deficiencies.

Thus, auto insurance is a convenient and profitable contract for vehicle owners.

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